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#2702  Caterpillar Marine announces developement of new IWW solutions for EU Stage V
   by Caterpillar   
Caterpillar Marine announces developement of
new IWW solutions for EU Stage V
Caterpillar Marine to develop new solutions for EU V Inland Waterway Vessels
Lafayette, Indiana - Caterpillar Marine is pleased to announce the development of new technology solutions for European Union (EU) inland waterway (IWW) vessels. The new solutions are designed to comply with the next generation of regulatory emissions required for EU IWW applications and will be available starting in 2020 for various power ranges: for engines with less than 130 bkW, 130 to 300 bkW, and 300 to 1350 bkW.

"As the market leader, we fully support and are committed to meeting the most challenging emissions regulations in the marine industry. Through continuous innovation, we strive to provide marine power solutions that employ advanced technologies that enable efficient combustion and the cleanest emissions while maintaining the Caterpillar reputation of the most durable and reliable products on the market," said Jason Spear, Business Development Manager for Caterpillar Marine.

By choosing Caterpillar, owners and operators can expect products that are emission compliant, durable, reliable and safe. "Caterpillar is committed to the development of marine products for the EU IWW segment with Stage V certification by leveraging the well-proven legacy of Caterpillar Marine products," said Travis Petry-Johnson, Product Strategy Manager for Caterpillar Marine.

Caterpillar's integrated control and monitoring of the engine and aftertreatment provides benefits that only engine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can provide. These new solutions will leverage the well proven technologies of Caterpillar's Marine EPA and IMO products; providing the quality and durability that customers have come to expect. Building on this legacy of Caterpillar Marine products, the new EU IWW portfolio is being developed to offer best in class operational cost benefits to customers.
February 28, 2019