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#2730  Book a chance to experience Yanmar's Dtorque Engine on the water at 125th Kieler Woche
   by Yanmar   
Book a chance to experience Yanmar's Dtorque Engine on the water
at 125th Kieler Woche
Kieler Woche, 22nd to 30th June, Kiel, Germany
YANMAR partner Neander Shark GmbH is offering visitors at this year's 125th anniversary edition of the Kieler Woche a unique chance to experience its ground-breaking Dtorque diesel outboard engine from the heart of the festivities in Kiel city's vibrant fjord area.

As official sponsor of the annual event, the world's largest sailing regatta and the largest summer festival in northern Europe, Kiel-based Dtorque is providing free on-the-water demonstrations and presentations to enable people to learn about and enjoy the exceptional performance of the Dtorque 111 twin-cylinder 50 hp engine.

More than 3 million visitors attend Kieler Woche every year for ten days of elite racing, including Olympic classes, youth events and classic yacht races, with some 4,000 top athletes competing in 2,000 boats. Held in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, the celebration also includes a range of social, cultural and political events to ensure a wide variety of activities for people from all over the world.
Running from 22nd to 30th June, Kieler Woche is the perfect opportunity for Dtorque to showcase the benefits and technology of its turbo diesel to a wider audience, while also offering a day on the water on-board one of three demo boats. Participants will be treated to a thrilling test drive around the harbor, sampling the impressive smooth and quiet performance of the world's smallest diesel outboard engine with common rail injection.

German manufacturer Neander Shark developed the Dtorque using a unique system of dual counter-rotating crankshafts in an aluminum block, which dramatically reduces the vibration levels that a conventional small two-cylinder diesel engine would normally generate. This technology with a patented 'Spaceball' design not only achieves less vibration but also less noise, lighter boat handling and less stress on the engine. It delivers class-leading fuel economy and exhaust emissions that fall well within the latest EU RCD 2 limits, with an expected lifespan of more than 10,000 hours.

YANMAR is the exclusive global distributor for Dtorque following its agreement with manufacturer Neander Shark.
To book your place on a Dtorque demo, contact Axel Schuen, Director Product Management of Neander Shark, at +49 (0) 172 252 14 52. June 2019